West Michigan farms begin harvesting Bluecrop in the middle of July.  During the season on Thursdays, newly harvested berries are transported to Nashville.  On Fridays and Saturdays, pre-ordered 5 lb. increments are delivered to homes and workplaces in the area.  *** IN 2022 WE ARE TAKING A BREAK FROM DOORSTEP DELIVERY AND WILL BE OFFERING PICK-UP *** Deliveries are scheduled weekly *** IN 2022 THE DELIVERY SCHEDULE IS LESS FREQUENT ***, and the delivery season goes into the 2nd half of August with a later variety, Elliott.


“I didn’t know blueberries could taste like that.  Best things I’ve ever tasted.” – Megan L


“[The] blueberries are really delicious!!  They’re so plump and sweet and juicy… YumYumYummy : ).” – Pam P


“The blueberries are amazing!!!!” – Adrienne C


“So amazing!!! We are in heaven :)” – Sarah H


“The berries are AWESOME!!” – Jean R


“LOVE THEM”  - James B


“I have to tell you that we finished our first 2 boxes in a week. I had to buy some at the store this weekend and we almost spit them out they were so bad!” – Kathy E


“Seriously, best blueberries ever!”  - Whitney E


“These are delish!”  - Kristina S


“These are the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen! Yum!” – Jennie B


“I should have gotten more… they are delicious!!”  - Melissa B


“Oh my!!  They are amazing!!!”  - Cynthia F


A company favorite: “This is Bryan ######’s mother…. I was there when you delivered the blueberries to Bryan’s house on Saturday.  I only wish I had known about those treasures ahead of time…. I might have sweet talked you out of some MORE for me to take home!!  THOSE BLUEBERRIES WERE THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD!!!!!  I have never eaten blueberries that even came close to being like those!!!!  I ate them like crazy while I was babysitting!!!  (I figured I deserved them!!!)  J   I live in Louisiana and I don’t think you could deliver me any here!!  But I will certainly find out next time I come to Nashville if you will be getting any fresh berries!!!!!  I would LOVE to share them with my friends and family here in Cajun country!  These people here don’t understand what REAL blueberries taste like!!!  But now I DO!!!! Just wanted you to know……God bless,” - Mary Lynn B


“They are tasty.”  - Nate O


“Loved the blueberries you delivered yesterday” – Dea M


“They are delicious.”  - Carol S


“They are the best blueberries I have ever had!” – Susan L




“They were delicious.”  - Cherri I


“Best blueberries ever.” – Melissa H


“The berries are yummy.” – Bryan H


“Delicious!” – Audrey


“Nice and plump and sweet!” – Lori


“They are fantastic!” – Susan S


“We have been enjoying them, they are the best!” – Donna M


“They are awesome!” – Maureen H


“They are beautiful!” – Alison F


They are delicious! – Whitney E