West Michigan farms begin harvesting Bluecrop in the middle of July.  During the season on Thursdays, newly harvested berries are transported to Nashville.  On Fridays and Saturdays, pre-ordered 5 lb. increments are delivered to homes and workplaces in the area.  Deliveries are scheduled weekly, and the delivery season goes into the 2nd half of August with a later variety, Elliott.


“I didn’t know blueberries could taste like that.  Best things I’ve ever tasted.” – Megan L


“[The] blueberries are really delicious!!  They’re so plump and sweet and juicy… YumYumYummy : ).” – Pam P


“The blueberries are amazing!!!!” – Adrienne C


“So amazing!!! We are in heaven :)” – Sarah H


“The berries are AWESOME!!” – Jean R


“LOVE THEM”  - James B


“I have to tell you that we finished our first 2 boxes in a week. I had to buy some at the store this weekend and we almost spit them out they were so bad!” – Kathy E


“Seriously, best blueberries ever!”  - Whitney E


“These are delish!”  - Kristina S


“These are the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen! Yum!” – Jennie B


“I should have gotten more… they are delicious!!”  - Melissa B


“Oh my!!  They are amazing!!!”  - Cynthia F


A company favorite: “This is Bryan ######’s mother…. I was there when you delivered the blueberries to Bryan’s house on Saturday.  I only wish I had known about those treasures ahead of time…. I might have sweet talked you out of some MORE for me to take home!!  THOSE BLUEBERRIES WERE THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD!!!!!  I have never eaten blueberries that even came close to being like those!!!!  I ate them like crazy while I was babysitting!!!  (I figured I deserved them!!!)  J   I live in Louisiana and I don’t think you could deliver me any here!!  But I will certainly find out next time I come to Nashville if you will be getting any fresh berries!!!!!  I would LOVE to share them with my friends and family here in Cajun country!  These people here don’t understand what REAL blueberries taste like!!!  But now I DO!!!! Just wanted you to know……God bless,” - Mary Lynn B


“They are tasty.”  - Nate O


“Loved the blueberries you delivered yesterday” – Dea M


“They are delicious.”  - Carol S


“They are the best blueberries I have ever had!” – Susan L




“They were delicious.”  - Cherri I


“Best blueberries ever.” – Melissa H


“The berries are yummy.” – Bryan H


“Delicious!” – Audrey


“Nice and plump and sweet!” – Lori


“They are fantastic!” – Susan S


“We have been enjoying them, they are the best!” – Donna M


“They are awesome!” – Maureen H


“They are beautiful!” – Alison F


They are delicious! – Whitney E


Company founder and lead blueberry lover Jason was born and raised amidst the blueberry field paradise of West Michigan, and a container of fresh berries sitting out on the kitchen counter was a regular treat during the harvest season. The berries were first shared with his Nashville friends in July of 2013 after a summer trip visiting his parents. People liked the berries so much he started collecting orders and making drives up and down I-65 on trips dedicated to hauling berries.  A doorstep delivery service was provided to maximize the freshness of every box.  In 2014 the website was launched, doorstep delivery service continued, and a pick-up location was available.  In 2015 deliveries were made on both Fridays and Saturdays, service included ETA windows, and the berries became available at Nashville Farmers’ Market.  In 2016 the delivery service expanded.  In 2017 orchard add-ons were offered and included peaches, plums, pears, and apples.  In 2018 "Big Purple" was the Most Valuable Vehicle for the delivery fleet.  In 2019 tart cherries and apricots made their delivery debuts.